Every cent counts when you travel a lot. So why not save more so that you can travel more? Here are a few resources and brands that I enjoy working with and would like to share with you all.

Please note: Some of these deals not only help you out but me as well. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine!


Booking.com is by far one of my favorite resources to search for accommodation while traveling. By clicking on and booking through this LINK you can save $25 USD! You will typically obtain the discount after you have completed your stay.


Namaste As Fuck is a badass yoga company that inspires yogis and the homies to stop drop and flow in anyway you know. Use my code: Maxaf for 15% the entire purchase

Loctote created the ultimate travel bag, complete with zero worries as to how safe your belongings are. Completely tear, theft resistant and can be easily locked up while you continue to venture about. Click Here to check them out!

Localish is a clothing brand with the vibes of California and Hawaii woven within the seams. Use the code: Max20 for 20% off!